The VCF is once again accepting claims!

We have streamlined and simplified the claim form and other documents required for processing.

  • The Eligibility, Compensation, Personal Injury and Deceased claim forms have been combined into one new, simplified form.
  • The Private Physician packet is now part of the claim form to make it easier to submit with your claim.
  • We have reduced the number of documents required for processing a claim. The new, one page “Claim Form Signature page” replaces the former Attestations and Certifications A – I and Part X.
  • The new Document Checklist is an easy-to-follow guide that identifies the specific supporting documents needed to process your claim based on your claim form responses.

There are two important things to know about the new claim form and the submission process:

  • You will see the terms “Victim” and “Claimant” used throughout the form.
    • The term “Victim” refers to the individual who has been diagnosed with a September 11th-related physical injury or condition.
    • The term “Claimant” refers to the individual who is filing the claim to seek compensation for the victim.
    • Individuals who are filing an injury claim on their own behalf are both the claimant and the victim.
  • You must now submit both the Eligibility and Compensation portions of your claim before we can begin our review and process your claim.

Online Claim Form

While a hard copy version of the Claim Form is available, we encourage you to submit your claim using the new online claim system. You can use this system to:

  • Create an account and register with the VCF to preserve your right to file a claim in the future.
  • Complete and submit the claim form.
  • File an amendment to a previously submitted claim by following these instructions.
  • Upload supporting documents to a claim.
  • View correspondence sent by the VCF.
  • Update your contact information or the information for your attorney or authorized representative.
  • View the information you provided when completing your claim form,
    including any information you may have entered on a claim form that you started but have not yet submitted.

This Navigation Tip Sheet provides information on how to navigate the new online claim system.

NOTE: The new system has a new URL. You will need to update your bookmarks with the new website address.

Already started a form in the old system and not sure what to do next? If you started a claim using the old system, but were not able to submit both the Eligibility and Compensation sections, review this grid for directions on how to complete and submit your claim.

Hard Copy Claim Forms

If you cannot file online because you do not have reliable access to the Internet, you can choose one of the following options to receive and complete the claim form:

  • Download the PDF fillable version of the claim form, complete it using your computer, then print and mail it to the VCF.
  • Print the PDF version of the claim form, complete it by hand, then mail it to the VCF.
  • Request a hard copy form be mailed to you by calling the toll free Helpline at 1-855-885-1555.


    • The online system guides you through the form and only asks you to answer applicable questions based on your previous responses.
    • Most supporting documents can be uploaded electronically, saving printing and postage costs and avoiding any delays in mail delivery.
    • Your claim form information and any uploaded documents are saved and you can access them at any time so you always have a copy of what you have submitted.
    • Your VCF claim number is assigned at the start of the process.
    • It is less expensive for the VCF to process online claims so overall administrative costs are reduced.