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VCF Policies and Procedures

The resources below outline the policies and procedures of the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund (“VCF”). The pages include information on eligibility criteria, the methodology used to calculate economic and non-economic loss, payment procedures, appeals and hearings, claims for deceased individuals, and information for claimants who are represented by an attorney for their claim.

These resources are intended to be used as a reference by individuals who are filing a claim, or by those who are interested in how the VCF operates. The information is written for a personal injury victim who is filing his or her own claim, so references to “you” or “your” should be read as “the victim” in those cases where a Personal Representative or guardian may be filing the claim on the victim’s behalf.

For more information about the history, regulations, and the laws governing the VCF, please see About the Fund.  All the forms, resources, and documents referenced in these sections, are also individually posted under Forms and Resources


  • The laws governing the VCF are collectively referred to as the “VCF Act” in these resources. 
  • The Policies and Procedures can be printed or converted to a PDF file. Please go to the section that you wish to print or save as a pdf, and press the “CTRL key and letter P” (PC) or “command key and letter P” (Mac) to open the printing window. Print/save instructions may vary depending on your specific computer and browser.

Change Log

These policies and procedures were last updated on May 10, 2024, with the following noteworthy updates:

  • Section 1.9 updated to include presence information for Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.