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Getting Started with the VCF

These instructions are for individuals who are already registered with the VCF, but who do not have access to their claim in the online claims management system.  If you have not registered with the VCF, please follow the How to Register with the VCF step-by-step instructions to register and set up online access.

Follow the steps below to get online access to your existing registration and claim:

Step 1: Create an Account in the VCF system.

  • Click on “Register” under the Search bar at the top right side of the VCF website
Register button on website header
  • On the “Welcome” screen for the claims system, click on “Create Account.”
  • Fill out all fields on the screen, including the security questions.   Be sure to remember the username and password that you create.
  • Click “Create Account.”

You will see a message confirming your account has been successfully created.


Step 2: Call the VCF Helpline at 1-855-885-1555 and request online access to your claim. 

The Helpline will ask you for your claim number, but if you don’t know it, they can look it up for you.  The Helpline will ask you for the username you created for the claims system and will grant you access to your claim.


Step 3: Access your online claim.  

Once the Helpline confirms you have access to your online claim, follow this step-by-step guide for detailed instructions on how to log into the system, view your claim status and documents submitted to the VCF  and access letters from the VCF that have been posted to your claim.  You will receive an email each time the VCF posts a new letter to your claim (note: if you are working with an attorney, only your attorney will receive the email, but you will still be able to view the letter in your online claim). 

Last updated
March 31, 2020