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Program Reporting

The VCF periodically releases program statistics with the overarching goal of being transparent in our progress and accountable to taxpayers and the 9/11 community.

Each month, we post a streamlined and detailed look at VCF’s progress in our Monthly Statistics Report.  This report provides a monthly snapshot of the VCF, including information on submitted claims, eligibility decisions, and claim determinations and awards.  Due to changes made to our reporting models as of February 2020, statistics reported in the Monthly Report cannot be compared directly to VCF reports issued prior to March 2020.  A list of definitions associated with the Monthly Report is available. 

The VCF also publishes a comprehensive report annually.  The most recent report, the 2019 Annual Report, features highlights of the VCF’s major events, accomplishments, and progress made in 2019; as well as a glimpse into the future of the VCF. 

Finally, the VCF posts a Weekly Report, which includes descriptive information regarding each individual award determination issued by the VCF.  This report is updated each Monday and is inclusive of all decisions rendered since 2013.    No personally identifiable information is included.  A list of definitions associated with the Weekly Report is available.  


The last three published reports are available below.  To view older reports, simply select "View more reports."