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Program Reporting

The VCF regularly releases program statistics with the overarching goal of being transparent in our progress and accountable to taxpayers and the 9/11 community.  There are four key reports which provide insights on VCF progress: the Annual Report, the Monthly Statistics Report, the Weekly Report, and the Premature and Insufficient Claims Report.

  • On an annual basis, the VCF publishes one extended, comprehensive report.  The 2023 Annual Report summarizes the VCF’s 12th year of operation, and focuses on the significant changes, challenges, and achievements of 2023. The Fund hit new milestones, awarding $12.8 billion to over 56,600 claimants since re-opening in October 2011. In addition, in 2023 the VCF decided more claims and issued more award dollars than in any previous year.
  • Each month, we post a streamlined and detailed look at VCF’s progress in our Monthly Statistics Report.  This report provides a monthly snapshot of the VCF, including information on submitted claims, eligibility decisions, and claim determinations and awards.  Refer to the monthly report definitions to understand the report. 
  • The Weekly Report includes descriptive information regarding each individual award determination issued by the VCF.  This report is updated each Monday and is inclusive of all decisions rendered since 2013.  No personally identifiable information is included.  Refer to the weekly report definitions to understand the report.  
  • The Premature and Insufficient Claims Report was first published on March 31, 2023 and can be found under Program Reporting.  This report will be generated every few months to share progress on our collaboration with law firms to address premature and/or insufficient claims.  Full details on the criteria used to create the report can be found in the Understanding the Premature and Insufficient Claims Report document.

In addition to this regular program reporting, and in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the attacks of September 11, 2001, the VCF created a Special Report, which documents the VCF’s history, features a timeline of important milestones that includes live links to additional information found here on our website, and includes reflections from those who created the foundation upon which the VCF has successfully evolved. 

The last three published reports are available below.  To view older reports, simply select "View more reports."