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Section 1: General Questions


1.10 If I participate in a lawsuit under the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA), can I still file a VCF claim?

Yes, if you participate in a lawsuit under JASTA, you can still file a VCF claim. See Section 405(c)(3)(C)(i), Zadroga Act, as amended (49 U.S.C. § 40101 note). Any compensation awarded by the court in the lawsuit or obtained in a settlement of litigation will be treated as an offset and deducted from your VCF award.


1.9 Can I pursue a claim with both the VCF and the U.S. Victims of State Sponsored Terrorism Fund (“USVSST Fund”)?

Yes. On November 21, 2019, Congress passed the USVSST Fund Clarification Act , which now allows 9/11 victims, widows, and dependents – as specifically defined by the Clarification Act – to receive USVSST Fund payments, even if they had already applied for or received compensation from the VCF.


1.8 What if my current name is different from the name on documents in support of my claim?

  • If your name as shown in your claim form and online claim is correct, but it is different from the name on the documents you are submitting to support your claim, you should upload a letter explaining the name change and provide one of the documents listed below to show proof of the change.

1.7 What happens if a victim passes away after filing a personal injury claim?

When a claimant who has filed a personal injury claim dies, the VCF will stop processing the claim and/or payment of that claim until a Personal Representative of the deceased claimant (“decedent”) is appointed and validated by the VCF. This protects the decedent’s personal information and ensures details about the claim are shared only with those who are authorized to access the information.


1.5 How do I add or change the attorney on my claim?

To add, change, or remove the attorney on your claim, follow the instructions on the Change of Attorney Form and upload the completed and signed form to your claim. Please note that if you are adding or changing an attorney, you and your attorney will also need to submit certain documents with the form. Once the VCF receives the completed form and any required documents, we will make the appropriate updates to your claim, including who receives correspondence and who is able to access the claim online.


1.3 Are there any circumstances under which the review of my claim can be accelerated?

Yes. In cases involving terminal illness or significant financial hardship, you can request that the VCF expedite the processing of your claim. The VCF considers “significant financial hardship” to include an imminent or pending foreclosure or eviction proceeding, utility cut off, or other similar circumstances, as demonstrated by appropriate documentation.