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1.5 How do I add or change the attorney on my claim?

1.5 How do I add or change the attorney on my claim?
Effective Date

To add, change, or remove the attorney on your claim, follow the instructions on the Change of Attorney Form and upload the completed and signed form to your claim. Please note that if you are adding or changing an attorney, you and your attorney will also need to submit certain documents with the form. Once the VCF receives the completed form and any required documents, we will make the appropriate updates to your claim, including who receives correspondence and who is able to access the claim online.

If you need to change or remove the attorney on your claim, you should do so by submitting the Change of Attorney Form. You should not submit a new registration or claim simply for purposes of changing your attorney. This applies even if your existing claim has already been decided or paid and you intend to amend it to add a new condition or to seek additional compensation. Once you submit the Change of Attorney Form, the VCF will update your existing claim and your new attorney will be able to submit any amendments or documents on your behalf.

Please note that if you are changing or removing the attorney on your claim and you previously submitted documents directing the VCF to pay your claim through your former attorney, that instruction may not be changed after your claim has moved to "Special Master Review" status in the online system. You may still remove or change the attorney associated with your claim for any future appeal or amendment. If your award is changed by that amendment or appeal and you submit new payment instructions, then the new payment instructions will apply to the payment resulting from the amendment or appeal and all subsequent payments. Claimants should be aware that, regardless of how they receive payment from the VCF, they are liable for any agreement related to attorney fees as specified in the attorney-claimant contract.

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