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1.1 I filed my claim. What happens next?

1.1 I submitted my claim. What happens next?
Effective Date

Once you file your claim, the first step the VCF takes is to do a preliminary review to confirm that all of the “minimally required” documents have been submitted. In addition to a complete Claim Form, we require the following documents before your claim can move forward for a more substantive review:

  • Claim Form Signature Page (or the equivalent sections from Part IV of the original VCF 2 claim form)
  • Exhibit A – “Authorization for Release of Medical Information”
  • Confirmation from the World Trade Center (“WTC") Health Program that you have at least one physical health condition certified for treatment (the VCF will contact the WTC Health Program directly to confirm you have an eligible certified condition; however, you may also upload your certification letter to your claim if you have it easily available)
  • Proof of Presence documents as specified in Section 1.6 of the VCF Policies and Procedures
  • VCF ACH Payment Information Form if payment on your claim will be deposited to your bank account
  • VCF Client Authorization Form to deposit the payment on your claim to your attorney’s bank account (if applicable)
  • Exhibit C – if represented by an attorney and the law firm does not already have an Exhibit C on file with the VCF
  • In addition to the items above, the documents below are also required for deceased claims:
    • Claim Form Appendix A (or Exhibit F to the old claim form)
    • Letters of Administration and death certificate

These forms, along with other important resources to help you file your claim, can be found on the VCF "Forms and Resources" webpage.

If any of the above documents are missing or insufficient, the VCF will send you a missing information letter and place the claim in “Inactive” status. Once the required documents are received and verified as sufficient, the claim will be reactivated for review.

If the requested documents are not submitted within 30 days of the date of the missing information letter, your claim may be denied. If your claim is denied, you can amend your claim once you have the necessary documents and the VCF will reactivate your claim for review. Follow these instructions on how to file an amendment.

An overview of the VCF claim review process is available for more information.

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