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Law Firms

While you do not need a lawyer to submit a claim to the VCF, some claimants choose to work with an attorney.  Information here is of particular interest to law firms and attorneys who are representing VCF claimants. Attorneys representing claimants are encouraged to check this page periodically for updates and new information. 

Forms and Resources


VCF Transformation Information for Law Firms

The VCF Transformation is dedicated to improving the claimant experience, reducing the time to issue awards to claimants, and ensuring the long-term sustainability of the VCF through 2090. The Transformation will include a more straightforward claims process, enhanced automation, and a new, modern claims system, myVCF. For more information on Transformation specific to law firms, please visit the Transformation Information for Law Firms page.


Claims Management System (CMS) Info

CMS Enhancements - Tip Sheets