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Law Firm Bulk Upload Feature

The Victim Compensation Fund (VCF) online claims system includes a “bulk upload” feature to allow authorized law firms or other organizations to upload Registration information for a large number of claims at one time. This feature supports both the initial submission of claim data as well as the bulk upload of modifications and updates to existing Registrations.

Before using the bulk upload feature, it is encouraged that you become familiar with the claim forms and the VCF claimant portal. Sample claim forms, general instructions on how to submit a claim, and video tutorials explaining the online process can be found under the How to File a Claim webpage. You may also find it helpful to reference our Frequently Asked Questions.

When should I use the Bulk Upload function as opposed to entering claims individually through the VCF website?

We recommend that if you are entering fewer than 200 total claims, it may be more effective to enter the claims individually. The Bulk Upload functionality is an option for law firms and other entities representing a large number of Claimants to load many claim registrations at one time.

The online claim form on the VCF website is an intuitive, interactive, internet system that edits information as you enter it and helps ensure that you have entered information in the correct format. The Bulk Upload function uploads many claims at once and any errors are listed in an error report at the end. Since Bulk Upload is not interactive, the errors take a little analysis for the user to correct. Additionally, after a Bulk Upload, the user must still review the content of each claim individually to confirm it is correct and that all required questions have been answered. Even with this additional step, law firms have found that Bulk Upload is more efficient for loading large numbers of claims than entering each claim individually.


Requesting Access to Bulk Upload

In order to use the bulk upload feature, you will need to complete two simple steps:

  • 1.Register as a user of the VCF claimant portal by creating an account with a confirmed user ID.

  • 2.Request access to the bulk upload feature by calling the VCF Helpline at 1-855-885-1555 (or 1-855-885-1558 for the hearing impaired). If you are calling from outside the United States, please call 1-202-353-0356.

You will receive confirmation from the VCF once your bulk upload access has been granted. Note that this may take up to two business days from the time you request the access.


Bulk Upload Instructions and Templates

  • The PDF file includes detailed instructions for using the bulk upload feature, which can be downloaded and saved for ease of reference.

  • The Microsoft Excel template is used to enter the claim data for the bulk upload. The template also includes detailed instructions.


Common Bulk Upload User Questions

How do I resolve a “Time Out Error” when I perform a Bulk Upload?

A “Time Out Error” can occur when the system is trying to ingest too much data at one time. Many variables can affect when the system times out, including your internet connection. These errors can be minimized by reducing the number of lines containing data on your Bulk Upload template. The exact number may vary, but 100 lines is generally an amount that works for most users. Try submitting multiple templates, each with only 100 lines of data.


What should I do if a few Claimants on a Bulk Upload template error out when I try to Bulk Upload?

If your template contains any errors or is missing information, an error message will be displayed. This error message will identify the location of the error by row, column, and the specific error. If you receive an error message, you should try correcting those mistakes and submitting your template again. If you continue to receive an error message for certain Claimants, enter those Claimants individually through the VCF’s online claim form and delete those rows from the Bulk Upload template.

If you have many claims that error out, call the VCF helpline for assistance.