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VCF Transformation


The VCF is transforming! The VCF Transformation is focused on three key outcomes:

  1. Improve the claimant experience
  2. Reduce the time to issue awards to claimants
  3. Ensure the VCF is well positioned to accept claims through 2090

The Transformation will include a more straightforward claims process, enhanced automation, and a new, modern claims system, called myVCF.

The VCF is committed to keeping claimants and the public informed and up to date throughout the Transformation. This page will provide the latest updates and guidance for claimants, the public, and our partners in the 9/11 community.

If you are a law firm that works with VCF claimants, visit the Information for Law Firms page for additional information about Transformation and guidance specific to attorneys who represent VCF claimants.  

Why is the VCF Transforming?

When the “Never Forget the Heroes: James Zadroga, Ray Pfeifer, and Luis Alvarez Permanent Authorization of the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund Act” was passed in 2019, VCF leadership realized that significant changes were needed for the VCF to operate through 2090. The VCF needed to transform from a short-term program with limited funding, to a program ready to serve claimants for the next 70 years. 

The VCF Transformation mission is to reduce the time to issue an award to VCF claimants by designing a modern, victim-centric claims solution supported by streamlined business processes and automation. To achieve the Transformation mission, the VCF set the five goals shown below.  

5 Objectives Diagram

  • Transparency: Increase visibility into where individual claims are in the process and provide clearer guidance on submitting a claim.
  • Sustainability: Reimagine VCF program operations to sustain the VCF through October 2090.
  • Enhanced Claimant Experience: Provide claimants with a user-friendly, guided experience to help them understand what is needed to register and file a claim.
  • Operational Efficiency: Create a more efficient program that will reduce the time to process claims.
  • Improved Oversight & Governance: Enhance capabilities to manage performance and the quality of VCF operations, including analytics for quality assurance and enhanced fraud detection.

When will the Transformation happen?

The VCF has a separate team dedicated to the Transformation. A central effort of this team is developing a new claims system called myVCF. Throughout 2024, this team will configure and test myVCF, develop trainings and communications for claimants and VCF staff, and work with our third-party partners to ensure a smooth transition.

What is myVCF?

myVCF logo

myVCF is the new VCF claims system. Currently under design, myVCF will leverage modern technology to make the claims process easier to understand. Features of myVCF include a simplified online claim form, resources and tools to provide guidance when and where claimants need it, enhanced communication about the status of claims, and easy-to-navigate and user-friendly screens. myVCF is being built with the highest levels of security to protect claimant privacy.  

Transformation FAQs

No. We are committed to making sure that claim review does not slow down as a result of the Transformation. In fact, we have added to our team so we can continue reviewing and deciding existing claims while building the new myVCF system. 

Yes! The current claims system is still available. You can find information about how to file a claim at https://www.vcf.gov/how-file-claim

No, there will be no changes to registration. If you answer “Yes” to the question “Were you there?” we encourage you to register now, even if you are not sick. Registration preserves your right to file a claim in the future, and it does not waive any legal rights. Information about how to register can be found at https://www.vcf.gov/how-register. If you are not sure if you have already registered with the VCF, call our Helpline at 1-855-885-1555 to confirm. 

If you have a pending claim with the VCF, make sure you have submitted a complete claim, including a completed Claim Form, Claim Form Signature Page, Exhibit A – Authorization for Release of Medical Records, proof of presence documentation, and payment instructions. Please respond quickly to any VCF requests for missing information. If you have a question about the status of your claim or want to know if we have everything needed to decide your claim, call our Helpline at 1-855-885-1555, or contact your attorney if one is representing you for your claim.  

Throughout 2024, we will post updated information to our website and will contact claimants and their attorneys to explain specific steps they need to take to be ready to use the new system.  As it gets closer to the launch of myVCF, we will provide training and instructional materials to guide you through a smooth transition to the new system. The VCF Helpline will also be available to provide support as you use the new system. 

Yes. The VCF will not ask you to operate in two systems at the same time. There will be a full switchover from the current claims system to myVCF at the time of go-live. All existing claim information will be transferred into myVCF.