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VCF Transformation Information for Law Firms


The VCF Transformation is focused on three key outcomes:

  1. Improve the claimant experience
  2. Reduce the time to issue awards to claimants
  3. Ensure the long-term sustainability of the VCF through 2090

The Transformation will include a more straightforward claims process, enhanced automation, and a new, modern claims system, called myVCF.

The information on this page is limited to the specific details that are applicable to law firms representing VCF claimants. All attorneys working with VCF claimants are expected to remain up to date on the information posted to the Transformation section of the VCF website, which includes background information, frequently asked questions, and information on what claimants can expect and when changes will happen.

As trusted partners, the VCF will work with law firms to help prepare for the new myVCF system and the changes that will come with Transformation. We will continue to provide Transformation website, email, and meeting updates to law firms throughout 2024 as we progress and have more information to share. Training and resources will be provided in advance of myVCF’s launch.

Introducing myVCF

myVCF logo

At the center of the Transformation is a new claims system: myVCF. The new myVCF claimant portal for law firms will include these key features:

  • Organization Accounts: Law firms will have organization accounts through which their staff accounts will be managed. Law firm users will be able to more easily navigate and track claims, with dashboards, a to-do list, and other features aimed at ease of use. 
  • Clarity of Information: Claim form, instructions, and communications will be written in plain language, so users understand what they need to do and where the claim is in the process.
  • Support: Users will have multiple options to access support as they complete tasks in the system. Pop-ups with helpful guidance and easy-to-access reference materials will help ease the claim submission process.
  • eSignature: Claimants will have the option to sign documents electronically in the new system.
  • Automatic Checks for Completion: myVCF will automatically enforce claims being submitted with all required documents and information. Claims must be “In Good Order” to move forward for review.

Submitting Claims "In Good Order"

The system will only allow claims to be submitted if they have all required information to support the claimed loss and all minimally required supporting documents. The requirements for a claim to be submitted “In Good Order” include:

  • Responses to all required questions in the claim form based on the claimant's particular circumstances and claimed loss.
  • All required e-signatures by the claimant on the applicable attestations, notices, and releases.
  • Proof of presence (or the ability for the VCF to obtain proof of presence directly from a third-party source) based on the victim’s reason for being present at the site.
  • All required documentation to support the type(s) of compensation claimed.
  • Completed Client Authorization form for payment.

Law firms should start working now to ensure all claims submitted to the VCF meet the "In Good Order" requirements, as discussed at the January 25 law firm meeting. This will speed processing of the claim.


Contact the VCF’s law firm liaisons with any questions you have about the Transformation or how to ensure your claims are "In Good Order" when submitted to the VCF.

On January 25, 2023, the VCF met with law firms and presented important information about the VCF Transformation. This included policy changes and specific actions law firms are being asked to take on claims currently in process, as well as new claims they are preparing to file. All law firm staff who represent VCF claimants are strongly encouraged to review the materials and notes from the meeting.

View the materials and notes