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Updated: Policies and Procedures - July 30, 2021

July 30, 2021
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The following updates to VCF’s Policies and Procedures were posted today:

  • The registration deadline policy has been updated and is explained in Section 1.2.
  • The explanation regarding 9/11-related lawsuits has been updated in Section 1.3. Please also see the related new FAQ 1.12.
  • The list of entities and employers working with the VCF to provide presence information in support of VCF claims has been updated in Section 1.9.
  • The explanation regarding the types of covered past-out of pocket medical expenses has been updated in Section 2.4.a.

Frequently Asked Questions

To reflect these updates, we have added a new FAQ regarding 9/11-related lawsuits (FAQ 1.12) and several noteworthy updates were made to FAQ Section 2: Registration and Other Deadlines.