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There are two deadlines in the VCF’s claim filing process: a Claim Filing Deadline and a Registration Deadline. It is important to distinguish between the two and be aware of which applies to your individual circumstances.

We have comprehensive information about each deadline, as well as details about when to register, and when to file a claim.


2.2 What deadlines do I need to meet when filing my VCF claim?

2.2 What deadlines do I need to meet when filing my VCF claim? (Added: August 6, 2020)

There are two deadlines in the claim filing process – the first is the Registration Deadline and the second is the Claim Filing Deadline.  The Claim Filing Deadline is the same for everyone:  October 1, 2090.  Registration is not the same as filing a claim and the Deadline varies according to individual circumstances.  To understand what is applicable to your situation, please see detailed information about the VCF’s Registration Deadlines.

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