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Resource | Communications to Law Firms

Resource, Mar 30, 2012

March 30, 2012

Law firm bulk upload feature available for Registration: Overview and FAQ 4.9 posted

Messages from the Special Master

A message from Special Master, Sheila Birnbaum

March 9, 2012

Dear Friends,

Although we have only been up and running for a few months, many of you have already submitted the first portion of your VCF claim - the Eligibility Form. We are now in the process of reviewing these submissions.

Messages from the Special Master

A message from Sheila Birnbaum announcing the release of the Eligibility Claim Form

October 31, 2011

Dear Friends:

I am pleased to announce that the VCF is now accepting claims applications on its website, www.VCF.gov. Users who have registered for the Fund can fill-out an online Eligibility Form that will be used to determine whether you are eligible for compensation through the VCF. If you are found eligible, you will be invited to complete the Compensation Form, which will be used to determine the amount of compensation you are owed.

Messages from the Special Master


October 31, 2011
DOJ Press Release - Claimants May Now Fill Out Eligibility Form on Fund's Website
Messages from the Special Master

Special Master Sheila L. Birnbaum Announces Opening of September 11th Victim Compensation Fund

October 3, 2011
DOJ Press Release - Fund Will Continue to Open in Phases throughout October

WTC Health Program Factsheet

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3.7 My family member passed away but was diagnosed with Uterine Cancer before she died. I believe the Uterine Cancer was related to her 9/11 exposure, but it was not a condition on the WTC Health Program list of covered conditions prior to her death.

Yes, the authorized Personal Representative of the deceased victim may file a claim seeking compensation for the Uterine Cancer, as long as all other VCF eligibility requirements are met.  Because the decedent cannot go to the WTC Health Program to have the condition certified, the Uterine Cancer will be verified through the VCF Private Physician Process.


3.5 What if I was diagnosed with Uterine Cancer in the past, but the cancer has not yet been certified by the WTC Health Program? Am I eligible for compensation from the VCF?

Yes, but to receive compensation from the VCF, you must first have the condition certified by the WTC Health Program.  This is required even if you do not need treatment for the cancer at this time.  To begin the certification process with the WTC Health Program, you can find more information online at https://www.cdc.gov/wtc/uterineCancer_20230118.html or by calling 1-888-982-4748.


3.6 I was diagnosed with Uterine Cancer before it was added to the WTC Health Program’s list of covered cancer conditions, and I paid out-of-pocket medical expenses related to treatment for the cancer. Will the VCF reimburse me for these medical expenses

Yes, as long as you meet the VCF requirements for reimbursement of these expenses.  You may claim reimbursement from the VCF if you paid out-of-pocket expenses related to your Uterine Cancer before the date that the WTC Health Program certified the condition for treatment.  The VCF has specific requirements for claiming medical expense reimbursement.  See FAQ 6.5 for further details.