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FAQ Updates July 30, 2021

July 30, 2021
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Noteworthy updates were made to Frequently Asked Questions - Section 2: Registration and Other Deadlines:

  • Updated FAQ 2.2 - What is registration? How do I register with the VCF and what is my registration deadline?
  • Added NEW FAQ 2.4 - What if I’m not sick, can I still register?
  • Updated FAQ 2.5 - I heard the deadline to register with the VCF was July 29, 2021. What happens if I register with the VCF after July 29, 2021?
  • Updated FAQ 2.7 - Once I have registered, what is the deadline to file my claim?

In addition, the following NEW FAQ 1.12 was added regarding 9/11-related lawsuits: Question 1.12 I think that a product manufacturer or a doctor contributed to, caused, or exacerbated my 9/11-related condition (or contributed to or caused the death of a deceased victim). Can I sue the manufacturer or the doctor and still participate in the VCF?