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New and Updated FAQs: Registration and Other Deadlines

August 6, 2020
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FAQ Section 2: Registration and Other Deadlines has been updated as noted below:

The following new FAQs have been added:

  • 2.1    I heard the deadline to file a claim with the VCF is July 29, 2021.  What do I have to do by that deadline?
  • 2.2    What deadlines do I need to meet when filing my VCF claim? 
  • 2.5    What if I’m not sick, do I still need to register by July 29, 2021? 
  • 2.7    How do I know if I am registered with the VCF and have met my registration deadline? 
  • 2.8    Once I have registered, what is the deadline to file my claim?


The following FAQs have been updated:


  • 2.3     What is registration?  How do I register with the VCF and what is my registration deadline? 
  • 2.4     Do I need to have my condition(s) certified for treatment by the WTC Health Program before I can register with the VCF? 
  • 2.6     What happens if I register with the VCF after July 29, 2021?