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Section 6: Compensation and Payment


6.5 Can I get reimbursed for medical expenses that I paid out-of-pocket and were not covered by the WTC Health Program or reimbursed by my insurance?

Yes. You can request reimbursement for past out-of-pocket medical expenses you have paid as a result of your eligible condition(s); however, you may only seek reimbursement once your initial award has been issue and only if the amount of the out-of-pocket expenses exceeds $5,000.


6.4 Are disability payments from other sources (such as Veterans Affairs, NYCERs, etc.) deducted from my award?

Yes, if the payments are related to your disability from an eligible 9/11-related condition. The statute requires that the VCF offset from your award any disability benefits you are receiving, or entitled to receive, related to your eligible physical conditions. If you are receiving disability payments for conditions that are not eligible under the VCF, those amounts will not be deducted from your award.


6.1 What if my bank account or address has changed since my last payment?

If you have already received at least one payment from the VCF and your banking information has changed since the last payment was processed, you must complete and mail or fax a new Payment Information Form to the VCF as quickly as possible. If your address has changed, please call our Helpline for assistance in updating our records.