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Message from the Special Master – Stathi Patseas joins VCF as Manager of Communications and External Affairs

December 4, 2023

Stathi Patseas has joined the VCF as the Manager of Communications and External Affairs. In this position, Stathi will focus on expanding the VCF’s outreach efforts, including developing a strategy to build broader awareness and understanding of the VCF, coordinating with the WTC Health Program and other 9/11 advocacy groups, working with various entities to establish relationships focused on easing the burden on claimants when filing a claim, and developing new outreach materials and enhanced public messaging.  Stathi will be based in New York and brings a wide variety of experience, most recently serving as Director of Communications at the NY Civic Engagement Commission, where he managed public and external affairs strategies, including digital engagement and government affairs. He also worked as Assistant Director of Public Affairs and Community Relations at NY Health and Hospitals and has served as Communications Advisor in the office of the Mayor of New York.

Stathi’s exceptional communication skills and professional experience present the VCF with an outstanding opportunity to focus on this vital outreach.