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A message from Special Master, Sheila Birnbaum

March 9, 2012

Dear Friends,

Although we have only been up and running for a few months, many of you have already submitted the first portion of your VCF claim - the Eligibility Form. We are now in the process of reviewing these submissions.

In the coming weeks, those of you who have submitted complete Eligibility Forms will be receiving a letter from the VCF confirming that the Fund has received your claim. This letter will also contain your VCF Claim Number. It is important that you keep this number and include it on everything you submit to the VCF, including documents you send to the Fund. If you have asked us to communicate with you by e mail, you will receive a notice to log into your VCF account to view this letter. For everyone else, the letter will be sent by mail.

We are hard at work reviewing the claims that have been submitted and will be issuing eligibility determinations as soon as we are able to complete the necessary reviews and verifications. In the meantime, please be on the lookout for our correspondence. As always, if you have any questions about the process, please refer to the VCF website (www.vcf.gov) or call our toll-free Helpline at 1-855-885-1555.