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A message from Sheila Birnbaum announcing the release of the Eligibility Claim Form

October 31, 2011

Dear Friends:

I am pleased to announce that the VCF is now accepting claims applications on its website, www.VCF.gov. Users who have registered for the Fund can fill-out an online Eligibility Form that will be used to determine whether you are eligible for compensation through the VCF. If you are found eligible, you will be invited to complete the Compensation Form, which will be used to determine the amount of compensation you are owed.

While it is necessary for the Fund to collect sufficient information to reach the right decisions, we have tried to make the process as streamlined and simple as possible. Although claimants who do not wish to submit their claims online will be able to use paper forms, using the Internet to apply online will allow us to process your claim more quickly.

Over the next few weeks, VCF staff will give seminars on how to submit your claim. In addition, the New York City Bar has agreed to provide pro bono assistance with completing claim forms at sessions later this Fall. Information on these opportunities will be available on the website.

While I look forward to receiving your claims, it is important to remember that you are not required to submit your claim on Day 1. Please remember, though, that for anyone who is a plaintiff in pending September 11th litigation, pursuant to the Zadroga Act, you must withdraw from the litigation by January 2, 2012 in order to participate in the VCF. For information on how long you have to submit your claim, visit our Frequently Asked Questions at www.VCF.gov/faqs