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Message from the Incoming Special Master - August Flentje named Special Master for an interim period

April 29, 2022

It is an honor to step into the role of Special Master on an interim basis while the process to identify Rupa Bhattacharyya’s permanent successor is identified.  I have been a career civil service attorney with the Department of Justice since 1998, and have managed several Civil Division components for temporary periods, including the branch that has responsibility over the operations of the VCF.  In that capacity, I’ve worked with Rupa to help address issues that arise in the management of the VCF and am familiar with its functions and operation.  I look forward to working with the VCF again.  My goal is to provide stable management during the hiring process for a permanent Special Master, and to ensure there is no slowdown in the important work of the VCF in resolving claims.  The VCF has an excellent management team and a hard-working and dedicated staff, and I have complete confidence that the VCF’s important work will move forward for the benefit of the 9/11 community.