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Program Reporting

Weekly Statistics

The Special Master posts detailed program statistics on a weekly basis each Tuesday. The detailed statistics are provided in Microsoft Excel format.

Most recent Weekly Report and the associated definitions.

Monthly Statistics

The September 11th Victim Compensation Fund (VCF) released its 2019 Annual Report in February 2020. As explained in the report, this report looks very different from prior Annual Reports. The transition to a permanent program provides the VCF with an opportunity to revamp its public reporting to provide more easy-to-understand and streamlined program statistics. This Annual Report debuts a new “look and feel” for the statistics, with charts and graphs that show key data of interest to the 9/11 community.

As part of this change, we have redefined how the statistics are calculated (see page 15 of the report for additional details). The changes were driven by our overarching goal to be transparent in our progress, more accurate in reflecting the current status of claims processing, and accountable to the community. The changes have resulted in modifications to almost every element of the reporting and will provide for better reporting and projections going forward. For this reason, the statistics reported in the Annual Report cannot be compared to any prior reports issued by the VCF (all reports dated 2019 or earlier), even if the label describing the data element is the same.

We are revising the VCF Monthly Report to match the new format. As a result, the monthly reports previously posted for 2020 have been removed and will be replaced once the new reports are available. We expect to post the new Monthly Reports in early April.

    Program Reporting

    The Special Master posts detailed program statistics three times per year to report on program activity. These reports will be published in May, with statistics through April 30; September, with statistics through August 31; and in January with statistics through December 31. The Eighth Annual Status Report was published in February 2020. 

    The last three published reports can be found below.  To view any older reports, simply select "View all reports."