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Law Firms

While you do not need a lawyer to submit a claim to the VCF, some claimants choose to work with an attorney.  Information here is of particular interest to law firms and attorneys who are representing VCF claimants. Attorneys representing claimants are encouraged to check this page periodically for updates and new information. 

Forms and Resources

  • Law Firm Payment Instructions- instructions if your firm has an agreement with the claimants you represent that VCF payments will be made directly to a law firm bank account.
  • Exhibit C - Attorney Certification of Compliance with Provision on Limitation on Attorney Fees.
  • Change of Attorney Form - due to change of attorney.


Law Firm Did You Know?


Claims Management System (CMS) Info

CMS Enhancements - Tip Sheets

No resources available.

Communications to Law Firms:


September 11, 2013

Information for Law Firms page updated with important information regarding enhancements to the Claims Management System.

June 17, 2013

Information for Law Firms page updated with important reminders.

May 14, 2013

New Fillable PDF files posted: Certification for Compensation Form.

February 1, 2013

New FAQ Posted: 11.9 What is meant by the “Primary Attorney” designation on the claim form? Can other attorneys or staff from our law firm be listed as authorized representatives on a single claim?


October 17, 2012
March 30, 2012

Law firm bulk upload feature available for Registration: Overview and FAQ 4.9 posted